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    Overall I like many of your names and don't find them too out there. Matilda is actually pretty popular.
    Lyra is a cool name, yes I hear "Liar" a little bit but so what? I still like it.
    Xavier and Leo are awesome with Lyra and Matilda.
    Rupert... can't get on board with it sorry. Sounds old fashioned and stuffy to me.

    Ultimately, choose what you like.
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    "@rollo, you have a great feel for the names that I like. Saxon, Cormac and Nicol really blew me away. I loved hearing that you perceived Lyra Daphne Ann as soft and feminine. Lyra seems wild and strong to me because of the literary character reference, but not everyone will percieve it the same way. It's nice to know that although your perception is different, it's still positive. Are you familiar with the youtuber AnastasiaRuby? I ask because I believe she was going to name her daughter Juliette Lyra at some point, but ended up going with Juliette Elena. Also, thanks for the Aussie perspective on the name Matilda! It's always pleasant to know what names will translate well internationally."

    I have never heard of anastasiaruby but now I can't wait to listen to all her video blogs on names - fabulous. Thanks for mentioning it.

    So pleased that I made a connection with you in regard to the names that I suggested.

    Very, very good luck with your naming journey and please post in our birth announcements in due course.

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    Yeah I'm with most everyone else. Your favorites seem very solid choices - I actually like Leander or Theodore best. for a second boys name.
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