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    I love Lyra and Rupert! They are by far you best options and are different without being too terribly far out there.

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    Are you British, by chance? If so, I think your names will fit right in. If you're not, they have a British flair and I don't think they're "too out there". Rupert Thomas Gabriel, Lyra Daphne Ann, and Matilda Vivienne Ruth are my favorites.

    What about Leopold? I think it fits better with Rupert than Leander and you still get the Leo nickname. Leopold Xavier Allan. I think Theodore is too common with the other names you like and Lucian is becoming more popular, too.

    Yes, it's absolutely okay to use a first initial twice, especially if the names are RLML or RLMM, where it's obvious you're not doing a theme of any sort.
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    I LOVE Rupert and Matilda! Emmeline Matilda would flow much better though. Nah to Lyra Daphne Ann although this is just my personal preference. Matilda Ruth would be lovely also.

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    Not too out there at all.

    When I read the title, I was expecting something like "Rainbow Bluebell fairydust".

    Your choices are quite "normal".

    I like Rupert Thomas Gabriel and Matilda Vivienne Ruth the best.

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    Thanks Lonestar, I like them best as well :-)

    Scarletrune, I am not British but American, which is why I worried my names were too "out there." I was an English major in college though and have a preference for British Literature which might contribute to my name preferences. Leopold is alright but it doesn't set my world on fire. Leander doesn't set my world on fire either, honestly, but the nickname Leo does and Leander is my favorite option for names that Leo could be short for. I can't make myself go with just Leo, though because my mom's legal name is Cathy and she always hated that her name was a nickname. I've noticed that Lucian is gaining popularity as well. Thanks for your insights!

    whIrlIgig, Thanks! Do you not like Lyra or the name Lyra Daphne Ann as a whole? Because I'd be interested to know if you had any suggestions for alternative middle names.

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