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Thread: Anna/Annabel

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherriesue View Post
    In my opinion, longer names are just so beautiful - my own first name is only one syllable, and I would love to have a longer one!
    I think that Annabel Charlotte flows very (VERY!) well, even better than Anna Charlotte, perhaps...
    I don't know your surname, but here are some 3 syllable ones for examples - I think they all sound great, and not too much of a mouthful:

    Annabel Charlotte Anderson
    Annabel Charlotte Robinson
    Annabel Charlotte McAndrew
    Annabel Charlotte Callahan
    Annabel Charlotte De Luca
    ...and so on!

    Also, remember that she will go by just Annabel/Anna/Annie as her "everyday" name - so it really won't be too long-winded!

    As for the frilliness, I think this is a strong, elegant and classic name - absolutely not too frilly!
    And I think most little girls (and big girls!) would adore the name Annabel - and if she doesn't, she can simply say her name is Anna (or Annie). I love these sorts of names, because then you can't lose - you have both a slightly girly name and a more simple name all in one - Annabel and Anna. Wonderful!
    Good luck - I hope I've helped!
    Thank you! You've helped a lot! I think the versatility of Annabel is great too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennettsmom View Post
    We named out daughter Annabelle, she is 18 months and I have never had a moment of name regret. I think its such a beautiful name and I love the options she will have should she choose to shorten it as she gets older. Right now we call her Anna, Bella, and Annabelle about equal amounts of the time. So my opinion is to go with Annabel, you can still call her Anna regularily if you choose
    Thanks so much! It's very helpful to hear from someone who's using the name day to day. I've had mixed reactions, but I think it's a beautiful name!

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    Thanks for all the votes and opinions! It looks like Annabel is the clear winner. At this point, I'm thinking I'll take Anna and Annabel to the hospital and see which suits her best. I'm really hoping she looks like one or the other! I feel like if she looks like more of an Annie, then Annabel would make the most sense. And if she looks like just an Anna, then Anna may be the one. I appreciate all the input! This one is so tough for me.

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