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  • Annabel Kate (nn Annie)

    55 63.95%
  • Anna Charlotte (probably nn Annie)

    31 36.05%
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Thread: Anna/Annabel

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    Honestly, they're both lovely and they both work. I have a soft spot for Anna nn Annie, and I just don't prefer Kate as a middle name. You really can't go wrong here, though.

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    Loving the feedback! Middle names are not set in stone. I prefer a one syllable middle name with Annabel to balance it out. I didn't want to do Grace or Rose (and husband dislikes Rose due to associations). I liked the name Kate but am open to suggestions. With Anna, I just like the name Charlotte but have also gotten the suggestion (from berries) of Juliet. I like that as well. More suggestions are welcome. So basically the poll question is more about the first name. Thanks!

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    I voted for Annabel Kate because I live the way it's feminine and classic but not as common as just Anna. Have you considered Ann Charlotte? For some reason Anna seems almost boring, but Ann seems fresh and vintage. Just a thought.

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    I prefer Anna to Annabel lately. I think I'm just tired of -bel/-belle/-bella names. Anna is classic and pretty without being too fussy. I don't think Anna Charlotte sounds as good as Annabel Kate, though. I think the suggestion of Anna Juliet is beautiful!

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    Of the two in your poll, I voted Annabel Kate. Though if you do like the name Charlotte or Juliet...what about Annabel Charlotte? or Annabel Juliet? Good luck!

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