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Thread: Which Aurelia?

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    Which Aurelia?

    I've decided on Aurelia. I think Josiah, Daphne & Aurelia make a lovely sibset, and it has the sparkle, meaning and history that I look for in a name. So the next question I have is, do you prefer Aurelia Jane or Aurelia Catherine Jane? I would normally prefer just Aurelia Jane, but I love the idea of a nickname like Aria Kate, or Ari Kate, or Lia Kate, or something along those lines. So:

    #1, which do you prefer, and
    #2, can you think of any other nicknames for Aurelia?
    Nicole, Mom to Josiah Michael & Daphne Coppelia
    Aurelia, Coppélia, Corina, Daphne, Elena, Kerensa, Lucelia, Parisa, Scarlet, Valerie
    Avram, Christian, Cullen, Darian, James, Morgan, Rhys, Tristan, Truett, Vaughn, Wyatt

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    I like the 2 middle name trend, but in this case the simple beauty of Aurelia Jane outweighs the double middle name. Perfect mix of fantasy & tradition.
    Ari is a great nickname! Aura, Relli, Li also come to mind.

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