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  • Annabel Kate (nn Annie)

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  • Anna Charlotte (probably nn Annie)

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Thread: Anna/Annabel

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    Still going back and forth about this so much, so I figured I'd try a poll. Annabel Kate (nn Annie) or Anna Charlotte (probably nn Annie when little at least). Sister is Claire Elise, but I don't want the sibset flow to be the deciding factor. Thanks!

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    I like both Annabel and Anna, but I like the combo Anna Charlotte best. Annie is an adorable nickname.

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    Annabel Kate flows better, in my opinion, and sounds better with Claire Elise. Maybe not the deciding factor, but Claire and Anna sound plain together while Annabel and Claire sound like a set. Plus, if you use Annabel, you can always extract Anna as a nickname if you see fit.

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    I adore Annabel I think it's very sweet and soft while having a creative edge. Annabel Kate is a wonderful combination with good flow and a great feeling!
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    I love Anna! Simple and classic, and if little Annie wanted to use her more sophisticated given name as an adult, Anna is perfect. To me, Annabel is cute, but sounds trendy like Isabel and all the other Ella, Bella names. Anna is timeless like Claire.
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