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    Hi! I was trying to check out Azur. I looked under A in boys names and unisex names but it wasn't there, but it shows up in a search. Is it a simple mistake that it doesn't show up in the list of names under A or are those lists not complete for a reason? Thanks!
    Also I'm wondering what makes Azure a girl's name and Azur a boy's name. To me one is the English the other the French spelling. Any thoughts?

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    In French, you usually (but not always!) add an "e" to the end of an adjective or a noun to make it feminine.

    Therefore, azur (meaning deep sky blue, also a name) is masculine and azure (with an "e") is feminine.

    We can see this with other names like Daniel/Danielle, François/Françoise, Louis/Louise, René/Renée, Julien/Julienne, Gabriel/Gabrielle, etc.

    Not all nouns/adjectives/names behave like this, though!

    I hope this helps.

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    I'm not sure if this is why, but I know spelling variants aren't on the main lists, yet they will come up when you search for them. Rebecca is in the main list for example, but you'd have to search for a variant like Rebeca.
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    Thanks guys. I'd like to say though lepapa, your example of feminizing French names by adding an e at the end is true in a lot of cases, but in this one it isn't: azur is always spelled azur in French, never azure.

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