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    Lightbulb Baby brother for Bryton

    My husband and I are searching for a great name that will pair well with big brother, Bryton Denali. We love our Bryton. His name is a combo of his grandpas Bruce and Layton. It's also a reference to Brighton Beach, a place of importance to our family. Obviously, we aren't shy about using a unique/unusual name.

    We also love nicknames- Bryton is most often Bry. While his name is unique, it is not difficult to spell or say.

    Our current top contenders are:

    Finley Jackson
    Lawson Flinders

    I love Finley- and the nickname Finn. My only worry is that it seems to be used more as a girl's name in the USA. I think it could be one of those names that takes off in the next few years, but for girls, not so much for boys. While I don't mind a gender neutral name, I also don't want our little guy to be stuck with what is considered to be a girls name here in the States. What's do you think when you hear Finley, boy or girl? Perhaps Finian or Finnegan would be better? But neither of those works well with Jackson...

    My husband loves Lawson. It makes sense for us for a few reasons. Henry Lawson is a famous Aussie poet/author. My husband is Australian. (Flinders is a mountain range in South Australia- Flinders is also the person that first mapped and named Australia.) But, I don't know about the nickname "Law."

    How does Lawson work, thoughts?

    Any other input/ideas are welcome (even if you trash Finley or Lawson)!

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    I love Bryton! I think Either name you have picked would work really well. I personally prefer just Finn instead of Finley. Lawson is pretty great as well!

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    I really like Lawson. I'm southern, but if I had to use a nickname, I'd call him Sonny.

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    I like Finley, with the nn "Finn". I've also seen it spelled Findley, which might seem more masculine. I haven't met any females named Finn, so if you're planning to use the nickname I think it will be fine. Flinders is strange, but it would have personal meaning and a story for your family, so I think that's fine as well.
    Not crazy about Lawson, nor the nickname Sonny.
    Other ideas for you:
    Hudson, Bryton and Hudson
    Huxley, Bryton and Huxley
    Declan, Bryton and Declan
    Colby, Bryton and Colby

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    We've found our name.

    I was searching for the right middle name to fit with Lawson or Finley. I came across Jasper and the name jumped right to the top of our first name list. Don't know why I didn't think of it before.

    Our little guy Jasper Finley will join his big brother Bryton Denali to complete our little family.

    Thank you for the input! I still love both Lawson and Finley, but they just didn't seem right. Now I can stop obsessing about finding a name!

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