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    Elaine vs. Elena

    Which one do you prefer and why?

    Elaine is MIL's middle name and we would like to use it in some way...

    As most of you berries know, our #1 pick is Elena Catherine, BUT my niece's name is Delana...

    I have shown my DH EVERY name I can think of, but he doesn't love any other name as much as Elena I don't know what to do (if you've seen my other threads, you know that I have mentioned this to my brother and SIL and they don't care..).

    Suggestions? Thoughts?

    Thanks again!
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    I LOVE Elena! It sounds so romantic and exotic to me. I don't see a problem in using it in conjuncture with your nieces. My family has a jake, jax and joe all within a year. You'll be fine! ;-) and if your inlaws don't mind, go with the name you love!
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    Like Sully said, I wouldn't let it hold you back. The names are different enough (I'm not sure they even rhyme, and the style is very different) and Elena Catherine is lovely. If you do switch to Elaine, Elaine Catherine just doesn't have the same flow, so I'd suggest a slight change to Elaine Caterina.

    Another name that's similar to both those names is Eliana, or maybe even Eleonora.

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    Elena Catherine is so great! I say go for it, especially if your BIL and SIL don't mind! I'm from a big Greek family, so we have about a million repeat names anyway

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    Elena Catherine is perfecto.

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