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    I like Sunniva best, for the reasons you say. And the 'v' matches van vliet rather nicely.

    How about

    Sunniva Joy
    Sunniva Claire
    Sunniva Myrna
    Sunniva Pearl
    Sunniva Lux
    Sunniva Lucy
    Sunniva Faith
    Sunniva Maude
    Sunniva Belle

    I think one syllable works a little better, if I'm honest.

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    Sunniva Van Vliet has quite a lot of v sounds all smushed together for me… I think it's better as a middle, because she won't be introducing herself with all those v's! But I totally think you can go with Asta Sunniva, it actually works very well.

    If you go with Asta, here are some choices. (I like longer middles with such a short and sweet first name)

    Asta Cecilia
    Asta Clementine (has some of the feel of Penny-Lee maybe?)
    Asta Susannah
    Asta Francesca
    Asta Gabrielle
    Asta Aurelia
    Asta Lavender
    Asta Louise/Louisa

    My favorite is combining the two, though. Asta Sunniva is stunning.
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    What about Sunniva Astor/Aster? Similar to Asta, but flows better.

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    The more I say Asta Sunniva Van Vliet the more I like it. My DH is away for a few days but when he gets home ill be running it by him :-) I am excited, thanks ladies

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    DH is home and iv mentioned the name to him Asta Sunniva Van Vliet and he thinks its too much, but I really like it now :-( Our DD Penny can even say Asta and it sounds so sweet the way she says it, bless her.

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