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    Getting the "Flow" right

    Hi Berries,
    I'm after some inspiration for middle names, I just can't seem to get the "flow" happening. We are expecting our 2nd daughter in November. Her sisters name is Penny-lee and our last name is Dutch Van Vliet. My husband likes Asta (meaning starlike, love) and I like Sunniva (meaning sun gift). I just haven't found a middle name for eaither name that I feel works.
    I'd also like to add that this baby girl is a surviving twin and I would like names with positive meanings please :-) any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Maybe it would help if you could help with the pronunciation of that last name? hahaha!

    I like both Asta and Sunniva though! They're such exotic, delicate choices.
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    Asta Sunniva Van Vliet has excellent flow (provided the accent in Sunniva is on the 2nd syllable).

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    Both of those names are really nice, but they seem mismatched with penny-lee. How about

    Best of luck! If you do decide you like the exotic choices best, don't worry about it. Sibsets shouldn't be your biggest worry.

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    Lol Van Vliet is pronounced "van" "va-leet" :-) and I had not actually thought about putting the 2 names together. It does sound really exotic. I realise that they are not the same style as penny but I just can't seem to find anything else I like ATM. And if we use Sunniva then she could get Sunnie or Niva or Eva or Evie as NN which is closer to penny in style :-)

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