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    Of those choices my favorites are Jack Hawthorn and Hudson James.

    I think Hudson straddles the line between modern (surname trend) and vintage (since it has been used for so long). It's a little more uncommon than your girls names, but I think it could work.
    I think it's really funny that nameberry mentions a band called Hudson Taylor but not the man Hudson Taylor who was a famous missionary and probably led to it's jump in popularity in the 1800's. Anyway, great name!

    Jack is more similar to Sophie and Hudson is closer to Violet in terms of popularity and modernity, so I think either could work well.
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    Super helpful responses, thank you! I am liking Hudson a lot right now and have gotten really positive responses from a few people in my family that I brought it up to today also. But I'm a little worried after doing some reading that it is perceived as a trendy name. Not what I want... But I guess Jack might also be perceived as a trendy name just because there are so many of them right now (??) I like that Hudson is less common than Jack. But I am really liking the combination of Jack Hawthorne which my husband and I just agreed on and I feel like Hawthorne gives Jack a little something special. But middle names are rarely used in our family so I don't know how much weight I should give to the middle name. Naming a person is so difficult (especially boys names)!
    Thanks again and would love to hear more opinions!

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    I don't know how you feel about having 2 middle names, but depending on your surname I think Hudson James Hawthorne could be fabulous! Of your list, I like Hudson James and August Hawthorne best. Good luck and congrats on your soon-to-be sweetie!

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    I like Hudson! It sounds dynamic and romantic and fits with your girls' names very well.

    Hudson James is my favourite.
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    I prefer Jack or August but Hudson fits nicely as well. Hudson Augustus would be nice. Jack Hawthorne flows the best with Hawthorne as the middle name.

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