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    One Week Left and a New Name Added to our Short List

    So we have one more week until baby is here and my husband has just agreed to another name. Up until today he has vetoed this name every time I've suggested it but now it is on our list of just 3 choices. The name is Hudson.

    So questions for you berries about this name-
    Do you like it?
    Is it a classic name? Or more modern? I saw that it's been ranked in the US since 1880 so I am thinking it is a classic name with some history but I don't know much about the name. I think it's considered a surname name?
    What vibe do you get from it? To me it has a sort of nature vibe to it, I guess because of the river. Does anyone else get that?
    And does it go with our daughters' names (Sophie and Violet) or does it sound mismatched or odd to you with the sibset?

    We only have a week left and I wasn't expecting a new name possibility to present itself so close to the baby's birth. I am trying to sit with this name and figure out if it feels like "the name" so I thought posting might help me figure it out.

    Before today, we were down to 2 names- either Jack or August. Those are still both strong contenders. The full name combinations for the three on our list would be either-

    Jack Hawthorne or Jack August or Jack Hudson
    August Hawthorne or August James
    Hudson Hawthorne or Hudson James

    (Hawthorne and James are family names and Hawthorne is especially meaningful to us so it's our top choice for a middle.)

    Which one(s) do you like best for our family? I would like to figure out this little guy's name before he arrives if possible! Thanks as always for your help!!

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    I think of it as a surname-name.....I don't know the history of how those names were used, but they seem very 1800's to me. I think of names like Hudson and Cooper as being used as given names when there was a family's maiden name, or somesuch.......or as an aspirational name. Until, when?, the late 1990's? It seems like there was some trigger that pushed surname into greater popularity.

    The vibe I get is upper East Coast, gentleman, and a bit of hero/aspirational. Henry Hudson, I suppose. The nickname Hud gets me to Paul Newman's blue eyes.

    Sophie and Violet are romantic, sachet-like names to me. Jack seems a little workaday next to them. I've never really been a fan of August....pronouncing it like the month seems too little, pronouncing it with the stress on the last syllable seems too much.

    So Hudson seems like a great choice to me. Hudson's got enough adventure and glamour to stand next to his sisters, but isn't pretentious.

    Hudson James seems to have a better rhythm, than Hudson Hawthorne, but I love Hawthorne for a middle so much I don't want to let it go. Without knowing your last name, it's a tough call.

    Hope this helps.
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    Out of your names I like Jack Hawthorne the best. I think it sounds strong and romantic next to your girls names. Hudson isn't really my style and I think Jack sounds better with your sibset. But that's my opinion, yours is the one that matters. Go with your gut. Congrats and good luck!
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    I quite like Hudson and think of it as a surname name with some history and I think it works smashingly with your daughters' names. Part of what I like about it is that, like Sophie and Violet, I feel like it could work on a variety of personalities (unlike August).

    I too think Hudson James sounds better than Hudson Hawthorne, but with the right surname Hudson Hawthorne could sound awesome.

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    My favorites are Hudson James and August Hawthorne. Though Hudson goes better with Violet and Sophie than August does, in my opinion.
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