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    I know a Mary who goes by Mare (can also be spelled Maire). It suits her really well.

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    Or you could chop off the front of the name, and go by Ree. (Like tv personality/recipe guru/bestselling author Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman. Her full name is Ann Marie.)

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    Mamie. Or Minnie. Or Em (first initial).

    My sister-in-law is Mary Beth. One of her pet names is MaryBethel, which sometimes gets smooshed into Marel (pronounced like Meryl Streep).

    Polly is a favorite of mine.
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    Moira is a variation of Mary which could stretch for a nickname. I like Maisie and I have a daughter named Mary who goes by Molly almost 100% of the time. We also sometimes call her Mago. There's also Maren or Marin.
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    Thanks everyone for suggestions! I quite like May/Mae and Micky, I might run them by my friends to see if they work. Moira, Ree and Minnie are interesting - not sure if they'd suit me but I'm definitely intrigued by them! Molly, although I love, is a no-go for me as one of my best friends is a Mary nicknamed Molly. I also like Polly, but I know a Polly who's... very interesting, and to me, I would always associate that name with her.

    My middle name is Noreen, but I really dislike it and have wanted to change it. However it honours my grandmother, so I've been thinking of changing it to Nora, so my grandmother is still honoured and I have a name that I like a bit better. Would there be any nicknames that could incorporate this?

    Thank you all so far, you've been a great help!


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