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    Thoughts on these names

    I really like female saint names so I found some more unique ones, not the typical mary and elizabeth. I was wondering peoples thoughts on them. Please comment what you think of each name

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    Don't love or hate any of them. I do think that Rosalia and Seraphina are a little frilly and Maura and Mabyn are kind of plain. I like Adelina and Tatiana best off the list.
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    Seraphina - This name is pretty, it is very feminine, but I like overly feminine names.
    Tatiana - Stunning!
    Mabyn - This one is okay, I know that it's a saint's name, but it feels too close to the word maybe imo.
    Gemma - Gorgeous!
    Lydia - Classic and pretty.
    Maura -This one is okay.
    Natalia - Okay, but I prefer Natalie.
    Adelina - Same as above, prefer just Adeline.
    Edith - classic.
    Juliana - It is okay.
    Rosalia - I prefer Rosalie.
    Theodora - This one is a bit much for me.

    Other Saint's Names that you might like:

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    Seraphina- Very very pretty. I don't care for the nn Sera, but I think this name has gorgeous sound and meaning. Have you also heard of St. Seraphia? A gorgeous, very similar name.
    Tatiana- I like this name a lot, and even though I know one not-so-spectacular Tatiana, this name is still lovely to me.
    Mabyn- Nice, but not as gorgeous as other names on this list.
    Gemma- Beautiful name for a saint with an incredible story. Love it so much.
    Lydia- Very pretty, but doesn't seem as striking to me as it used to.
    Maura- When I hear this name, I picture a chubby receptionist with long red nails.
    Natalia- I prefer the softer, gentler Natalie.
    Adelina- I like Adelina, but my favorite Adel- name must be Adelise.
    Edith- Ooh, how I hate this name. The sound doesn't appeal to me at all, and the imagery is very unattractive. But that's just me. There are plenty of people on this site who love it.
    Juliana- I love Juliana! I knew the sweetest girl with this name. Her mother called her Julie, which I don't love- I prefer the name without a nickname. So gorgeous!
    Rosalia- Beautiful. I prefer this to Rosalie and just about every Rose name out there.
    Theodora- ADORE Theodora! This name is to die for!

    Good luck!
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    Seraphina - I know quite a few people on Namberry like it but I just can't get into it. It seems ultra frilly to me and while I don't mind frill, Seraphina feels over the top.
    Tatiana - Gorgeous. I also like Titiana but know a girl with the name would get teased relentlessly for the first three letters.
    Mabyn - Feels made up and trendy.
    Gemma - Lovely but I prefer Jemima.
    Lydia - Stunning. I'm surprised that this isn't more common.
    Maura - Dated. I prefer Mara.
    Natalia - Lovely. I also like Natalie.
    Adelina - It feels really trendy with all of the Addy names but I think this is one of my favorites.
    Edith - Beautiful.
    Juliana - I prefer Julia but Juliana is lovely as well.
    Rosalia - I prefer Rosalie but Rosalia is sweet.
    Theodora - I just can't get behind it but it does have several cute nicknames.
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