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    whimsical, soft, sensitive and handsome boy name ideas?

    Okay so perhaps I am asking too much from a name, but perhaps someone has some ideas of names that could fall into this (these) categories.

    We are expecting and have the girl name picked out *first only so far* but I'm loving the whimsical and melodic "Eulalie" (you-lay-lee) but since we aren't finding out the sex I would love to find a boy name thats on par or would fit well with Eulalie... any suggestions?

    our short list was Casper, Alder and Soren / middle names include Espen, Eldon, Fielding, James ... but not one is jumping out over the other and I cant seem to shake that we're missing out on some other great names out there..

    any suggestions?

    thanks nameberry!

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