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    I prefer Hawthorn to Huckleberry, simply for the fact that my cousin used to have a dog named Huckleberry. I have a hard time picturing it on an adult. If it helps though, I have never heard of the Name Game. So, that probably would not be a deciding factor for me. I know you mentioned Atticus and its rise in popularity, but it really is one of my all time favorite names.
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    I would far prefer Hawthorne! It's refined and different without being too 'out there' and I remember the name game so idk...I personally find Huckleberry a lot to saddle a small child with. And Huck is a nice nickname but like others have mentioned immature people will go there. I feel like Huckleberry would be best as a middle name?
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    Haha, I've been singing this song a lot lately! You'd have to changed the lyrics a bit in your family. I do however agree with your feeling that Huckleberry might make a better pet name than person name.

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    I love both Hawthorn and Huckleberry, and Huck is by far one of my favorite male nicknames! I find them both completely wearable!

    While yes Huck rhymes with a bad word, at the age kids are playing the name game a lot of them wouldn't even realize what they're saying. And, like previous posters stated, it's not as if Huck is the only name to rhyme with said word.

    I'm a firm believer in the fact that any name can be made fun of, and if your kid's biggest problem is that his nickname rhymes with an unfortunate word then I think he'll be just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    I can't fathom having berry in my son's name. Huck is different than Huckleberry. But, yes, I can see major teasing potential. And, yes, kids still play the name game.
    I agree. I like the book but Huckleberry just seems over-the-top to use on a real person.
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