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    I laughed when I read this thread title. Yes, I definitely see a problem with Huck, and have felt that way ever since first seeing the name. I've never known anyone named Huckleberry in real life, but have seen people discuss the name on these forums. I love the full name in look and feel, but the rhyming word is always the first thing to pop into my head...and I'm a grown adult woman, so I can't imagine how his preteen boy classmates would react to his name. Even if you were able to avoid the nickname Huck--even if you could convince everyone to call him Huckleberry--I would worry that kids would call him **uckleberry instead (the thought of which makes me laugh out loud but is completely inappropriate). I recommend steering clear of Huckleberry, whimsical and charming though it may be. Someone above mentioned that the name Chuck has the same problem, and I recall being at a lake once and overhearing one man call his fishing buddy "F--ky Chucky." So yeah...that's a problem for Chucks too, and immature people are going to go there. I'm sorry. (By the way, I majored in English too!)

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    Our #2 is going to be a little Huckleberry, so I think it's an awesome choice As for teasing--I can take any name (first, middle, last) and turn it into something ugly, so I'm not going to let "teasing potential" influence my decision too much.

    Goooo, Huckleberry!
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    I can't fathom having berry in my son's name. Huck is different than Huckleberry. But, yes, I can see major teasing potential. And, yes, kids still play the name game.

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    What would people say to Hawthorn? That's another on my husband's list.

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    The name game is definitely still played. When I was in grade school, there was a kid named Tucker.....
    Use it as a middle name and go with something neutral for a first. Let him choose if he wants to go by that name.

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