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    Huck Huck, bo Buck, bananafana fo!!!

    Hi all!

    I'm expecting my first child at the end of October. My husband and I are both very opinionated about names and our tastes don't really match up. (For example, my girl list has mostly soft, feminine names and his is almost all unisex or surname names).

    We've got a short list of boy names that neither has vetoed.

    One of those names is Huckleberry. And I'm pretty close to vetoing it.

    We were both English majors in college, and he even specialized in post-Civil War American lit. I find it to be a really endearing name that fits with both of our "styles." We also really like Atticus, but worry it is becoming too popular. I really like Huckleberry, but am somewhat luke warm on Huck. Mainly, I need to know if kids still play the name game, where Huck will rhyme with you-know-what.

    Added to this, we also had twin goatlings last year named Blueberry and Buckleberry, so I worry that Huckleberry is to much "pet name" and not a "person name."

    So, either tell me that I am right in my hesitation or I am wrong and Huckleberry is a fine choice. Middle name possibilities are James, John, or Nicholas (all family names).

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    Chuck also rhymes and I specifically remember my third grade teacher changing the name game song to something else for the Chuck that was in our class (he never went by Charles).

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    Personally, I wouldn't use Huckleberry as a first name due to the teasing factor but it would make a quirky middle name choice. Since it's also similar to your pet names, I think your hesitation is spot on.
    All the best,

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    I have never heard the name game song in my life, so I say go for it. Huckleberry is a pretty awesome name, and even if he goes by Huck it's not that big of a deal that it rhymes with a nasty word. My husband and I's last name rhymes with a nasty word and most people never even mention it.

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    I love Huckleberry, I say go for it! You won't have pets with similar names forever!

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