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    I love it! It is so unique and culturally glorious. I think most kids would envy him especially with how culturally supported and important names are in this day. I say go for it and teach your son to really love his name. What a wonderful legacy!

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    The only time I've come across the name French was many years ago. I used to watch a show called "3rd Rock From the Sun" and there was an actor called French Stewart who played the dim-witted Harry on it. That was his professional name. He was born Milton French Stewart and French was supposedly in his family for generations. It seems kind of strange for a first name but I think it would be fine as a middle name.
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    Thank you for the responses. I appreciate it very much!

    Our surname thankfully does not start with an O or Mc - laughing at myself a bit as I offered up this additional confusion ;-)

    This will be our third child and our daughters are named Cora Ophelia (2000) and Matilda Alexander (2006) - we are looking for something that will sound nice with those names and we love names that are a bit unique, though traditional and have some personal historical significance. My husband is more traditional with male names, though with both sexes I am more daring . . . . And perhaps, this is all mute, and this baby too is female.

    I did find French as a first name in census trends for the 1890s - but it has just really had no discernible presence as a first name since that time. I did keep coming across French Stewart as several of you suggested - and William French Smith (US Attorney General under Reagan), but otherwise very little information.

    Thank you again for the feedback - and, please oh please, keep it coming.

    With gratitude, Hallie

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    Not really my cup of tea, but it seems usable. Maybe its because of actor French Stewart. Maybe its because there is a character in Grease who goes by "Frenchie" although that is a girl character.

    I think there is a possibilty of getting teased. Getting called French Fry or something. But then again, a lot of kids nowadays have more unusual names and they might not even bat an eye.

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    I know a boy called French, as his mother's maiden name was French. I'm not a big fan, though. Perhaps as a middle name?

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