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    I disagree about Aria--it's a pretty name, but a trendy one, and I suspect it's going to sound very dated in a few years.

    So I vote Dahlia. It's much spunkier/more fun. I also dislike Dolly, but I think you can easily enforce Lia or Dee.
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    I'd go with Dahlia but honestly I think you should keep both till you have your baby so that you can choose with one she looks more like when you meet her.

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    I agree that Aria comes off as quite trendy and will probably continue to rise in popularity in the next few years. That being said I prefer Dahlia even disregarding popularity and honestly I would never have thought about calling someone named Dahlia Dolly.

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    I really like both names. Aria is on the rise & I think it's very pretty. Dahlia is pretty as well, and I love Dolly! I don't think Sweet D is a nickname you can enforce for others, it's more of a term of endearment that you and your immediate family could use. I don't think preparing a nickname is necessary, I mean, Aria wouldn't have one. Dahlia has the Black Dahlia association, but I don't think that ruins the name. I think I like Aria a bit more, but I do dislike the popularity factor.

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    I prefer Dahlia, although either is very pretty. Dahlia just has a bit more substance to me
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