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    Question This or That: Aria or Dahlia???

    My husband and I are torn between two names for our January due baby girl. Although we love each name, we are concerned with potential issues with each.

    Aria - Love the meaning and musical overtone, but concerned the name will become too popular from t.v. and become the next Ava. (No hate toward Ava btw, just prefer less common names)

    Dahlia - Love the name, but worried her nick name will be "Dolly" even if we try to enstill "Sweet D"

    Thoughts please ladies, we need your help.

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    I don't think Aria will be that common, but I prefer Dahlia anyway. Aria has been rising in popularity, but I don't think it will quite be the next Ava. And maybe it's because I have an absolutely dreadful association with the name, but I think Dahlia is much prettier. And I doubt anyone will call her Dolly if she introduces herself as Dahlia.
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    Thanks so much!

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    I prefer the name Dahlia and don't think people would call her Dolly both are pretty names though
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    I like Aria - and it's a name I don't see popping up a lot in my son's daycare. I watch closely since I am having a girl this time.

    Dahlia reminds me of "the black Dahlia", so not a huge fan. Not sure I would get Dolly from it, but I could see Dali or Lia

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