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    Need Naming Help!!!!!

    I am in need of serious help! I am writing a story, and I have a plot written out and everything, but I have not a single character's name. I just need suggestions for their names so I can move on to the actual writing part of my story. The story idea is basically a girl finds out that she is part of a secret race of people who look like humans but have special powers. This "secret world" is in the midst of a war and they need the girl to help them. Sorry for not including details-- I don't want to give too much of the plot away. Please help! Here are the character's descriptions:

    The Main Character-- She has long curly-ish dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and is average height. She is very pretty, but she thinks she is just plain and average. She is shy, quiet, and just wants to fit in. She just turned 16. I like names that are long and have nicknames for her. I want the name to be common, a name you hear almost every day. I think her last name is going to be Edwards, but it depends on the first name, also. I like the name Amelia for her, but I might name the Love Interest Alec and I don't want the names to both start with A.

    The Love Interest-- Like all other Love Interests, he is good-looking. Like REALLY HOT . He has wavy dark brown hair, honey brown eyes, and is tall for his age. He is very funny and outgoing, and is kind of the opposite of the MC. He is 17. I first wanted his name to be Alexander, nn Alec, but I just read a book with one of the minor characters named Alexander with the nickname Alec. I absolutley love this name for him, but I'm wondering if people will notice it-- the book I read with the name Alec in it was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. It's going to be a movie soon, and I don't want people to think that I copied it. I need your opinions for this, please! I also was thinking of Jake or Liam for his name. WDYT?

    The Leader-- He is the "Leader" of a secret world in the story. It's hard to explain who he is and what he does without giving too much away from the story... I guess you could say he is kind of a king or president of the secret organization. He is actually hundreds of years old, but he only looks about 50. He has wise grey eyes and long white hair that comes to his chin. I was thinking a sort of uncommon name for him, like Atlas or something along those lines.

    The Main Character's Parents-- The MC's parents have no clue what is going on. They are your typical parents-- the mother has blonde hair and blue eyes, the dad has brown hair and brown eyes. The mother is a psychologist, and the father is a teacher. They should have average parent names, like Hannah and Mike--I would use these names, but I have friends named Hannah and Mike, and I can't stop imagining them when I hear these names.

    These are the main characters in my story. Please help me come up with names for them! I don't need surnames, just first and middle names! Please help me!
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