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    If my baby is a girl...

    Hi I just posted a thread in the boys section too. I have chosen the name Edwin for a boy after my fiance who passed away a week before I found out I was expecting. For a girl i'd love to honor him too so I've been trying to find a way to do so.

    Edwina - I'm not a fan of this but it honors him perfectly. I would probably use it as a middle name though because I'm not that keen on it. It seems very dated and there doesnt seem to be a alternative nickname that I could use.

    As his full name was Edwin Alexander Paul, I was thinking of Alexandra or Paula. Paula i'm not that keen on either but I love Alexandra & Alexandria so they are top contenders.

    He went by Win most of the time so I was considering Elowyn & Winter.

    So the list that could honor him as a first name is:

    And as middle names:
    Pearl (sounds like Paul?)

    I was considering Elowyn Alexandra Pearl because it sounds very similar to Edwin Alexander Paul, would that work? I think it's a top contender for me right now.

    Anyway, I would love some combinations suggestions or name suggestions that could honor my late fiance in some way!

    Thank you in advance.

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    So sorry for your loss.

    My favorites from your picks are:

    Elowyn Alexandra Pearl - I love Elowyn, it has something whimsical about it
    Alexandra Winter Pearl - Alexandra is a pretty name and has the nn potential of Allie (if you are into that) and combined with Winter and Pearl it sounds lovely

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    Elowyn Alexandra Pearl is awesome.

    The only other idea I had to offer was something that shortened to Winnie or Wynnie.

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    Thank you both. My favourite right now is Elowyn Alexandra Pearl so it's great to hear that you like it!

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    Alexandra Winter Pearl, as PP suggested, sounds best IMO. It honours your fiancé but there's enough individuality in there for her to make it her own.

    I would, however, advise against Elowyn. This spelling annoys me a little, sorry. Mostly, it doesn't make sense and it's made up. The real name is Elowen, which is pronounced differently, so the changing of the 'e' to the 'y' is making up a new name. There is no 'win' sound in Elowen either. And the 'wyn' ending does make me think of male Welsh names even though Elowen is not Welsh. But if all that doesn't bother you, go ahead!

    I would suggest Eowyn in its place. There's always Winnie and Winona if you'd like to honour the 'Win' nickname. Eden, Edie could honour the 'Ed' part of his name. Good luck with whichever you choose.

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