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    I think Elowyn Alexandra Pearl is a very pretty name and flows really well.
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    I love Elowyn Alexandra Pearl, but I much prefer the traditional spelling Elowen. Elowen Alexandra Pearl--it's a beautiful name that honors a loved one! The previous poster said it is pronounced differently with this spelling, but i don't know much about that-I've only heard Elowen pn ELL-oh-win (which is what you want.) And I agree that the name it sounds VERY similar to Edwin Alexander Paul, and that's the connection you're looking for!

    I do also LOVE the name Eowyn, as a previous poster suggested, and Eowyn Alexandra Pearl is lovely as well, but if you pick Eowyn you have to be willing to deal with the Lord of the Rings connection.
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    Hi - I am so sorry for your loss. I do agree with the pp - Elowen Alexandra Pearl is so beautiful and still honors your fiancé.

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    Thanks all! I did consider Elowen too but I thought that the pronunciation of Elowyn would honour her father better. I always assumed that the ending of Elowen was pronounced differently, more like the end of Rowan.

    I love Elowyn/Elowen Alexandra Pearl but like charlieandperry1 mentioned, I did also think that maybe its a little too close and that she needs some individuality. (I am naming it Edwin if it's a boy but with different middle names than my fiance had so it's not exactly the same). I was thinking of using a first name that I love and using the middle names Alexandra and Pearl so it still honours him.

    My girls name list which doesn't honour anyone is Violet, Felicity, Elizabeth, Josephine, Lillian & Rosalie and I think all of these will work with the middle names Alexandra Pearl.

    Do you all think that would work better? Being a girl myself I wouldn't want a name that sounds identical to my fathers, even if I never met him (if that makes sense)
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    Looking at your other names you like, I think that many of them could work with Alexandra Pearl as middles.

    I particularly love
    Felicity Alexandra Pearl
    Rosalie Alexandra Pearl
    Violet Alexandra Pearl

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