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    Sisters for Tessa

    Nowhere near TTC, but I've been really loving Tessa lately for a daughter. My boys names are pretty set right now and, I think, go well with Tessa (my top three boys are Theodore "Teddy", Jonathan "Jon/Jace", and Elijah "Eli" - just to give you a sense of my style. If you click Gentlemen in my signature you can see all the boys names on my list...).

    As for other girls names, I am a bit more... up in the air. I like a ton more than I do for boys (see my Ladies list below) and they seem to be rather everywhere stylistically.

    Others that really appeal to me right now:
    Jessamine (which, with Tessa seems too matchy)
    Felicity (I have a niece with this name)
    Nerissa (one of my sisters is Marissa, so this one wouldn't be an option, but I like it)

    Lots of good options, but do any of them "work" with Tessa? Does it even matter? Any other names you can think of that might work and fit with my everywhere style? My only real conditions for names are that they aren't "trendy" and aren't spelled in "unique" ways. I tend to like classic, mythological, or literary names. But I'm open to all suggestions.

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    I picture a Claire, Juliet, Maeve, Eva, or Ivy with Tessa. Of your options, I think Avery, Rowan, and Phoebe would work well!

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    I have a Claire and really wanted a Tessa for dd#2, but the husband will not go for it. I think they work really well together. I can also see an Eliza and Eva with Tessa. I like Phoebe, Caroline, and Avery with Tessa from your list! Tessa seems pretty versatile to me actually.

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    I love Theodore "Teddy with Tessa btw!
    From your options I like Lucille, Josephine and Phoebe.
    I would suggest Bridget as a sister to Tessa!
    Good luck!
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    I really like your list! My favorites with Tessa are Josephine (Josie or Phina), Louisa (Lou or Weezi) Lucille (Lucy) & Nerissa (Rissa or Nissa)

    Some others I like with Tessa are Calista (Cali), Francine (Cici or Francie), Oriana (Orie) or Rosalie (Rosie).

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