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    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

    I think the main problem for me is that I love tons of the nicknames but barely any full names/I feel like they don't fit in with our boys' names. Both my husband & I love: Vin (don't like Vincent), Van (I like Sullivan but our ln ends in -on and the endings sound too similar. Plus the full name would be kind of a mouthful!), Nat (don't like Nathaniel/Nathan enough to use it) & Otter (husband hates Elliot). We just came across Gus and love that, but can't find a full name that actually has Gus in it that we like. Do you all think that Atticus G____ "Gus" is just way too much of a stretch? Meaning that the G in Gus could come out of the middle name (which would probably be George). Thoughts? Thanks again

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    I was literally JUST coming back on here to mention Gus! August, Augustus, Angus, Argus, Fergus...

    I personally think August fits well with your other boys' names.
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    Other nickname ideas for
    Charles: Chet, Arlo, Char

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    I like Argus but I have a feeling my husband will hate it (I've been texting him suggestions so I'm just waiting for a response now, lol). I also like Fergus but we want to stay away from an F name because we have Frankie & Flip. I'm pretty sure that we actually had August on our list when I was pregnant with Frankie, but never seriously considered it, but I'm really liking it now! My main concern with it is that it doesn't fit in with our boys' names.

    What do you think about George "Geo" (gee-oh)? Would Geo be an acceptable nickname for George? I've only ever heard of Georgie as a nickname for it (which I don't like), but I was just thinking about how much I love the name George & thought of Geo.

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