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    Possible nicknames for sawyer?

    My husband and I finally both liked a name... Sawyer. (For a girl) the only thing is that I can't come up with any cute nicknames for what we could call her. Any suggestions?

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    Honestly, I think Sawyer is just one of those names that doesn't have a nickname (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

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    I love the name as well. Hmm maybe there isn't a nickname that schoolmates and such would call her (not a bad thing, it can be really nice to just be called your full name). But if I had a little Sawyer I wouldn't be able to resist calling her Soy-bean at home lol - at least while they were really young..So cute.

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    Sawyer is one of those no nickname names.
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    My DH and i are naming our little one Sawyer as well, and also couldn't come up with any nicknames. I agree with the posters before me that it is just one of those no nickname names.

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