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    Whitney, nn "Winnie"

    Thoughts on using the nickname Winnie for formal Whitney? Our second is due this winter and we are stuck on girls name but Whitney has always been a front runner. I like a little more uncommon yet cutesy names whereas my husband likes about as generic as you can get. Thought this could be a cute, fun, sweet compromise, not to mention I figure is how my first born would try to pronounce it at first anyhow. But is it " too cute" or is it more of a dog's name? personally I still think of tv character Winnie Cooper. And of course the obvious Winnie the pooh, but both were cute so I can't say that bothers me. When I suggested this to my husband he didn't shoot it down, though maybe he was just trying to appease me at the time. And if baby grew up to not like it then she can just go back to Whitney.
    Considerations: Middle name suggestions with Whitney? ( for initial purposes, last name begins with a G)
    And first born is named Gracie.
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    Its adorable and beautiful

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    Thank you!

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    I'm not a fan of Whitney but Winnie is adorable!
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    I think Winnie is cute! Not sure you need a nickname for another two syllable name, though.

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