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Thread: Bathsheba

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    What do you guys think of Bathsheba? Is it prn bath-SHEE-ba or bath-sheh-ba? Is it too much for someone in the 21st century, or do you think, with a greater variety of names which is getting more eclectic by the year, that soon it will become more accepted?

    thanks for the input.
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    Biblical, isn't it? I like it (discovered it my ancestry), but prob'ly wouldn't burden a child with the name. Also, Appolonia, Sophronia, Phylatha, Diadama and Aletta turned up in that approximate time period.

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    Bathsheba was the mother of King Solomon. She became King David's wife after they had an affair and he had her husband sent to the front lines to be killed. While Bathsheba is part of the genealogy of Jesus, she is not named in the New Testament because of how she came to be in the lineage. It's a name that I could not separate from it's origin.

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    I knew a woman named Bathsheba who remains one of most truly eccentric people I've ever met. She didn't just affect wackiness--it was totally who she was. I remember always feeling as though her name suited her in its unusualness.
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    Its pronounced Bath-SHEE-ba. I think Sheba on its own is more livable nowadays (and cool and cute) than Bathsheba.
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