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    A friend of mine lives in Australia and has a River. Can't tell you what area she lives in because I don't know.
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    I am in NSW and know 1 preschool aged river.

    I think it's a great name and prefer it to Ry

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    I don't mind River. I don't know any (we live in VIC, and im a kiwi - non i know of at home either) but I know 2 Riders (one boy, one girl) and figure that has way more teasing potential.
    River nn Ry (or Ri or Rye) is cute!

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    I've never met or heard of a River (we're in Melbourne).
    I definitely prefer it to Ry, which I would assume is a nickname and not a full given name.
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    Never met a River. I, however? Have a cousin called Reeve. I think River is much cuter. And I'd prefer Rhys/Reece over Ry; it doesn't seem like a complete name to me.
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