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    Why are boys' names so tricky?

    Hi, Berries,

    We're doing our due diligence in brainstorming all the possible names for our little boy due this fall.

    What are your thoughts on our/my shortlist, and send us any recommendations. We're all ears!

    (PS, our last hame is two syllables and starts and ends with 'S'. We prefer names out of the Top 75, but can't help but crush on some classics.)

    - Everett / Rhett
    - Thaddeus / Tad
    - Henry
    - Quincy
    - Clancy
    - Weston
    - Conrad
    - Jasper
    - Stellan

    Thank you in advance!
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    Ooh, I love Stellan, Everett, and Jasper!
    The others aren't really my style, but most berries on here tend to disagree with me... :-)
    Does Stellan sound ok with your last name? I tend to like alliteration, but I know you have to be careful with with the s'
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    Love Stellan, Jasper, and Conrad.

    Quincy: I can't get behind this. Makes me think of queezy
    Everett: I like it, but I don't love it. I have a good friend with a son named this, so I see it a lot.
    Clancy: I'm in the fence. Better than Quincy.
    Weston: Meh , it's ok. Not perfect, but not bad.
    Thaddeus: I like it. Thaddeus always makes me think of Amadeus (which I LOVE)
    Henry: It's ok, but I find it a bit boring as it is generational family name. Probably does not have the same feel to you.
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    I love Henry, Conrad, and Everett!

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    My favorite three are: Henry, Jasper, and Thaddeus.

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