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    Cool Game of Thrones!

    Opinions on some of the names of the main (female) characters?
    Daenerys (nn Dany)
    Would help to get opinions from some people who havent watched the show as well also add names if ive missed any

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    Oooh, I love Game of Thrones/Song of Ice & Fire, as you can probably tell from my guilty pleasure list! There are some fantastic names in the series. I love how George RR Martin takes familiar names and tweaks them to make them a little bit different.

    My favourite names of this list are;
    Arya – An Indian name that means ‘noble’ in Sanskrit. I also like the Aria spelling, which is Italian.
    Brienne – Although if I’m honest, were it not for the character attached to it I’d probably overlook this name.
    Cersei – I think this is a phonetically easier spelling of Circe, which is a very pretty name. Too bad the character isn’t someone I’d like to name my child after!
    Sansa – Very lovely name that I could see becoming popular like her sister Arya in the not too distant future.

    Not so fond of;
    Catelyn – I don’t think this variation adds anything to the ever-so-lovely Caitlin
    Daenarys – Too ‘out there’ for me.
    Margaery – The name Margery/Marjorie has always had too much of an ‘old lady’ vibe for me, and not in a vintage chic way. Marge Simpson doesn’t help the cause either!
    Mrycella – This spelling is less intuitive to me than Marcella

    Here are some others for the list. I’m not sure from your post whether you’ve read the books, so I won’t say who these names belong to unless I know the character has already appeared in the show. My favourites are highlighted;

    Alayne – I’m on the fence about this name. It reminds me of both Elaine (which I don’t like) and Alanna (which I really like)
    Arianne – The French version of Greek mythological name Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus escape the labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur. This is one of my favourite names from the book, and quite usable in real life
    Asha/Yara – In the books, Theon’s sister is called Asha rather than Yara. I think I prefer Yara as it has the same simple sweet sound as Tara and Zara. Asha is another Indian name, meaning “wish” or “hope”
    Elia – This is actually a boy’s name in Italy and Holland, where it is a variant of Elijah. I think it’s quite cute on a girl, but feels a bit incomplete to me.
    Ellaria – Not my favourite, but the character is great.
    Jeyne – I prefer this spelling to Jane, which I find a bit dull. Also it reminds me of Jeyne from Firefly, which is a bonus!
    Lyanna – Really like this name, and again I think it could be quite usable. I used to know a Leana in real life who was great, so this name remind me of her
    Lysa – Not really a fan of this one. I don’t think it adds anything to the more common spelling of Lisa, which has never been a favourite name of mine anyway, despite the fact that it’s one of my best friend’s names.
    Meera – This is an Indian name which means “sea” or “ocean” in Sanskrit.
    Melisandre – A bit too elaborate for my tastes, but suits the character
    NymeriaOne of my guilty pleasures! If I could get away with calling my daughter Nymeria I totally would. I also love the nn. Nym.
    OlennaOlena is the Ukranian version on Helena, which I think is a bit sleeker, but I like this variation too. Also her character is hilarious.
    Osha – Probably one of my least favourite names of the series. I don’t like the way this sounds.
    Shae – Sweet & sophisticated. Another good one!
    Ygritte – Fantastic name and character. Anyone that disagrees knows nothing, just like Jon Snow!
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    Arya and Sansa are my favorites. I like Cersei but find it less usable due to pronunciation issues.

    From the pp's list, I love Asha, Yara, and Shae-so cute!

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    I like Daenerys and Catelyn the best.

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    Arya - Lovely, but all I can see is "aryan!"
    Sansa - I like it, but I'd classify it as GP.
    Catelyn - Ugh. I've ranted about this one before, but I think its look and sound are completely out of place in the story--to me, "Catelyn" sounds like the name of an obnoxious sorority girl born in the 90s whose parents were trying and failing to be different when they named her. Also, if you want it pronounced "cat-lin," don't use an E.
    Cersei - Kinda like it. I'd use the Greek Circe instead, though.
    Brienne - it's just ok.
    Daenerys (nn Dany) - Really beautiful, but not wearable at all. I'd use Danae instead.
    Myrcella - Gorgeous.
    Margaery - I've always disliked this one (though not the character.) It sounds so frumpy.
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