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    Tripp and [boy name] -- 2 week countdown!

    Hello Hello!

    We've been struggling to come up with a couple boy name options if #2 (due 8/7) is a boy. Our first born, a son is named Stephen Gerard III and goes by the nickname Tripp. His name was easy and we still really like the 2 girl name options we had in mind when he was born. I'm not one to discuss names with anyone I know, so I'm reaching out to you for some help.

    The main reason a lot of names get the axe is because of how their names will sound together - "Tripp and ____." We joke that we'll just go with Dale (Tripp and Dale) is all else fails and make them wear bow ties and cuffs everywhere they go! Seriously, though, here are a couple names we like but aren't sure we can do:

    Tripp and Phil (trip and fall?)
    Tripp and Chase ("Tripp chased me then Chase tripped me!") *If we had to name a boy right now, this is probably our top choice - Charles Anthony - but we still just can't commit to it.

    Are we over thinking this? I know they won't be together forever (pro doubles anyone?), but it will be a decent amount of time that we're saying their names back to back.

    We'd like to go with a traditional/full name and are obviously ok with nicknames, but none of the Matthew, William, Robert, etc. names really stand out in a good way to us. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, insight, and anything else. Be honest - we can take it!

    Thanks in advance for the help and encouragement! Just writing this out makes some of the stress go away :)

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