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Thread: Help with #3

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    Help with #3

    We are thinking about baby #3. We have a Henry and Annabel. What would you name our third? I would like something easy to spell (although I love it, it annoys me to have to always give the spelling for Annabel's name) that fits in well with our other children and while I don't mind it being somewhat popular, I do not like trendy. Here are some names I've considered, but I would love suggestions:

    Vivienne (worried about the spelling issue and that's it's not as "sweet" as Annabel)

    Theodore nn Teddy
    Edward nn Teddy (family name)
    Alfred nn Freddie (family name)
    Everett (family name)
    Quinn (family name-possible mn)

    Any suggestions along these lines? Something that fits but maybe a little less common than some of the above? I'm in the US.


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    Wow, I love so many of the names on your list!

    Clara - this just isn't my favorite. I'm also not quite sure whether it is supposed to be CLAIR-uh or CLAHR-uh. It doesn't seem as "romantic" as Annabel
    Georgia - I love this, plain and simple
    Alice - so classic and beautiful! I think it fits well with Henry, but not so much with Annabel
    Vivienne - I like this and the pronunciation vih-vee-EN, but I think many people might just pronounce it the same way as Vivian (namely: VIH-vee-uhn)
    Penelope - also another one of my favorites! I don't know how well it fits with Annabel though, it seems a bit more... quirky, maybe?

    So, I love Georgia as well as Alice to go with Henry and Annabel.

    Theodore - cute, perfect, love it!
    Edward - I just don't like this name very much, but I think it goes well stylistically with the other two
    Alfred - this actually seems to go a little too old -- what do you think of Arthur?
    Jasper - has a sort of "Southern" vibe that I think works well with Annabel, maybe not classic enough to fit
    Felix - it feels a bit too modern for the other two
    Everett - so handsome, it makes me think of a forest at the foot of snow-capped mountains!
    Quinn - so cute!

    I love the idea of Theodore Quinn!
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    One of my favorite sibsets for potential future use (if I can talk my fiancé into them and we have the proper number an gender of kids) is Annabel, Georgia, and Jasper so for me those are the hands down winners.

    I also like Penelope and Everett somewhat but not nearly as much. The rest are either not something I personally like or I feel they just don't fit as well with your current children.

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    My choices are Jasper or Georgia.
    I also like Felix.

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    From your list I think Penelope is the clear pick for a girl: it fits well with the other two names and has the "sweetness" of Annabel. Although it's more popular I would also suggest Chloe. I also think Lucy or Matilda would work nicely.

    I really like all of the names on your boys list! Theodore is a great name and probably my favorite to complete the sibset. Some other names that I think might go well too are Jack, Bennett, & Oliver.
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