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    As Emily said, it would help a lot if we knew the time period, genre, etc., of these women, but on a purely outside perspective, here are my opinions:

    Leatrice: Visually, it looks like Lettuce, and sound-wise, it's not bad. It's very pretty, actually, with the soft sound and outlet to nickname Lea. Unless, however, you're writing either a fantasy or a dystopian, the name is entirely implausible. The image it conjures up is of an ethereal queen dressed in silks and crinolines, probably a bit snobby.

    Muriel: A crotchety older woman, or if she's younger, has thick glasses and buck-teeth. She wears wool sweaters in putrid colors and possibly chain-smokes. An entirely repulsive human-being.

    Viviette: French stripper (kidding). Viviette in modern times is a ditzy, rich, blonde, in fantasy/dystopia a shy but sweet low-class girl, maybe a servant or a maid.

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    Leatrice, like Beatrice? It looks a bit like a misspelling, but I like it nonetheless.

    Muriel is either Ron Weasley's Aunt Muriel or Chandler's middle name.

    Viviette looks like a odd combination of Vivienne and Yvette. I don't know it I like it or not.

    I just don't like Muriel, unless it's for an old lady.
    If it's fantasy or in the future or something similar, Leatrice and Viviette are perfect and work well together.
    If it's set today, Leatrice and Viviette seem like a strange misspelling combination of different names.
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    they all make me think of old ladies knitting while sitting on large armchairs, except Viviette. She sounds like a retired lap dancer.

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    Little old ladies who go to flea markets together.

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