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    Middle name for Bowie, last name Carter.

    We have a daughter currently named Bowie Violet Carter. We never really liked the Violet part, I guess we thought we would get used to it but never really did. We would really love to change her middle name to something that flows beautifully! Also something she can use instead of Bowie if she decides she dislikes it. Any help would be really appreciated!!!

    That said, so far, I've only been able to come up with Marie, Daisy, Elle, Hazel, and Maple...

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    Honestly I think Violet may be the best option! But here's a few thoughts:

    Marie: too much of a filler name. And some consider the initials BM unfortunate. It's also rhymey with Marie. I'd avoid.
    Maple: Adorable, but BM again if it matters to you, and another unusual name. With Bowie as a first, I'd give her something grounded as a middle. Mabel, maybe, if the BM thing doesn't bother you.
    Daisy: cute, but rhymey with Bowie again, and also again, not all that grounded to balance Bowie. Very cutesy.
    Elle: On some levels this is appealing, it's a different syllable count than Bowie (like Violet is), and it's grounded. But especially as a middle, it will be heard as "L", and people will say "L for what?". Still, my second pick.
    Hazel: the best option on this list. A grounded name that doesn't rhyme with or spell anything unfortunate with Bowie as initials. I still prefer Bowie Violet: Violet is more on trend, and with Bowie being so unusual, that's more balance. Also, Bowie Hazel is 2-2, and Bowie Violet 2-3, which is also in favor of Violet. Nonetheless, if Violet isn't suiting her and you at all, Hazel is a good option.

    Good luck and best wishes!

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    With am unusual surname-y first name, I'd go with something very feminine and somewhat versatile/professional to balance it out. That's what we are doing. We like more unusual, not uber feminine names, but we also want to temper it with a more traditionally feminine name. For example, one of our top contenders right now is Vesper Katherine.
    Some possibilities:
    Katherine, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Isabelle, Sophia, Olivia, Amelia, Alexandra, Charlotte, Madeline, Adeline/Adelaide, Susannah, Estelle, Rose, Francesca,

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