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    I read somewhere that it is an Aboriginal name meaning grandmother. Don't really like the meaning

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    Never heard of it until now. It's nms and I don't really care for the meaning either, but I wouldn't say I hate it.

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    Tamsin is appealing to me. I don't mind Thomasin, either, though I'm not particularly fond of Thomasina, and I actually hate the male name Thomas.

    Tammin is okay but I prefer Tamar, which is Biblical and has a nice botanical meaning, palm tree.

    Wollongong is actually a really pretty town.

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    I agree that I like Tamsin a lot more, mainly because I feel like it has more substance, and that Tammin almost sounds like dammit to me when spoken. But I like Tammin Sursok, too.

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    I'm from AUS and Tammin is not overly popular here but definitely not a weird or unusual name. If you like a name you should use it.

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