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    I hope that your little Estrella is going to be okay. I will keep her in my family's prayers. I once had a neighbor whose baby boy was born three months early, he had a long hospital stay but now 5 years later is strong healthy & tall for his age. My family is sending your little Estrella a blessing.

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    Best of luck and wishes for your little Estrella.
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    Just thought I would give an update. Estrella is now 2 lbs 13 oz and still growing! She had heart surgery a few weeks or so ago (I keep losing track of time so I don't exactly remember how long ago now). She also is having an issue coming off of her ventilator but they are going to keep trying. Thanks to everyone who kept her in their thoughts.
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    Sending my prayers over to little Estrella

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    Sending my prayers over to the little baby Hope she become well soon
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