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    Announcing a very early arrival.

    I posted a long time ago asking for help for my Godson's mother. Well, the baby is here very early, and she has a name.

    Estrella Marena (pronounced Marina, named for grandmothers Maria and Irene) was born today at 2:38pm. She was only 24 weeks and 6 days, and weighs only 466 grams. I don't normally ask things like this, but I was hoping you berries could keep her in your thoughts/prayers.

    She is welcomed by older brothers Chandler, Quinton, Kolby, and Xavier (my Godson).
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    Sending positive thoughts and prayers her way.

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    Crossing my fingers for the little gal!
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    My prayers are with her and the family!
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    Hope everything works out for little Estrella!

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