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    As Kaia and I become more outnumbered....!

    We welcome James Calvin: Yes another boy!! Kaia and I really are outnumbered now... even the dog's a boy! James arrived late on Monday evening weighing in at 9lbs 8oz (not quite as big as his bro but plenty big enough!). He joins his siblings Kaia, Will, Ollie and Al (full names for those of you who are interested: Kaia Felicity, William Arden, Oliver Kendell and Alfred Harley).

    He will be our last baby and I would like to take the opportunity now to sincerely thank everyone on this forum for their helpful comments and advice over many years (and many bundles of joy!). I will endeavour to remain an active member of the forums, helping everyone else as best I can.

    Take care,

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    Congratulations! You and Kaia sure are outnumbered. All your children have such lovely name. Good luck!

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    Aww, James Calvin is such a handsome name! Congratulations to all of you! I love your children's names, btw.

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    Hi Dahlia!
    Ive been wondering if you had your little one yet. Thats alot of little boys to squeeze and love!
    Love love the name James Calvin! Can you believe I have Judah Calvin James picked for my next boy someday. Hahaha
    You take care of yourself! And enjoy all those sweeties.
    Karen "Wren"
    Mom to Tess, Kaia, Jasper and dogs Brody, Max and Felix

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