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    twin brother for Felix

    I see the sibling forum, but this one seems more active so I'll post here.

    Greetings to all the fellow name lovers out there. I am Fenley, and I'm having a rough time naming our second son. Due in late October with twin boys, who, we know one will be named Felix. Now, naming the second boy is mind blowingly hard. Nothing feels like the one and none are catching our attentioned like Felix did.

    Here are the 7 names we keep coming back to.

    Henry: Our #1 name at the moment. I think it sounds fantastic with brother Felix. Popularity isn't an issue for us. However, I do fear that Henry is too mainstream to be Felix's brother. On the other hand... I kinda dig the contrast in popularity.

    Milo: The problem is quite obvious. Both Felix and Milo are common names for cats. Now, I can deal with people informing me that my child has a cat name, I don't know if I can handle two obvious cat names in a sibset. I do feel like Milo would be the one if it wasn't associated with a feline.

    Leo: Leo might be viewed as a cat name too. But I don't feel like it's as strong of a connection as Milo. I guess Leo just seems forced to me, like I don't feel like it's right for my child.

    Jonah: My husbands favorite on the list. I like that it's a biblical name. It's a great name that I have never thought of to use on my son.

    Miles: Great alternative to Milo. Just like Jonah and Leo, it's just not feeling like the one to me.

    Vincent: I love this name sooo much. It's so underused IMO. I guess what's stopping me is that it has a nickname (which I like too). I'm over thinking this, but Felix is nickname free so I want his brother to be too.

    Linus: I kind of feel like since Felix is a wild card, and Linus is too, that it would be a really obnoxious sibset. I dig that both names are associated with cartoons, which I'm sure will be pointed out all the time.

    There it is. Those are the 7 names that I cannot decide between. I'm looking for comments on them, as well as suggestions. The question is: What would you name Felix's twin brother.


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    Sebastian seems perfect w/Felix (to me). All your choices are solid. Once the kids develop personalities, most other associations with their names will fall away. I wouldn't worry so much about that issue. I've never heard of a cat named Milo anyway (and I'm a lifelong cat person).

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    All of your choices are good ones, but it sounds a bit like you want to name him Vincent. And Felix totally has nicknames--Fox, Flix, Fee. Vincent has Vince, Vinny, V.

    I like Jonah best. I think Felix and Jonah are a great match.

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    I agree with you that Henry and Felix sounds AWESOME. that would be my pick. You kind of talked me out of all the others. Your reasoning is sound. Though i think Vincent can easily go as Vincent, no nickname, at least within the family. (Funny, every name you've chosen aside from Jonah and Linus are in my top 10-15. As is Sebastian mentioned above.)

    Another name I like with Felix is Jasper. Kind of another wild card to me, like Felix and Linus are to you.

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    Picking from your list, I like Henry the best and Jonah would be my second choice.

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