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    Ooooh I love the suggestion of Dulce!! Dulce Marina has a pretty ring!! Other favorites from previous posters are:

    Dulce Marina
    Belen Marina
    Noemi Marina
    Elena Marina

    May I also suggest using Marina as a first name? I think it's beautiful, and I love that it's honoring your father!
    Mom to furbaby lab mix Gideon and our infertility miracle S D ❤

    Joanna, Irene, Carys, Eliana, Josephine, Caroline, Miriam, Isla
    Spencer, Raymond, Ezekiel, Alastair, Reuben, Titus, Theodore, Silas

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    Alessandra Marina
    Allegra Marina (beautiful!)
    Alegría Marina
    Amadea Marina
    Anna/Annabella Marina
    Ariel Marina
    Carlotta Marina (beautiful!)
    Cosima Marina (nn Mimi) (beautiful!)
    Celestia Marina (so beautiful!)
    Ezmeralda Marina
    Elena Marina
    Eleanora Marina
    Erica/Erika Marina
    Estella Marina
    Isabella Marina
    Ivana Marina
    Lucia Marina
    Luciana Marina
    Olivia Marina
    Rosa Marina
    Rosita/Rosalita Marina
    Penelope Marina
    Perla Marina
    Stella Marina (so beautiful!)

    Those are some that I like (especially the ones with *beautiful* next to them!).
    (btw, I love Marina!)
    Good luck - hope I helped

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