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    Twin boy names that go with big brother Miles- needed soon!!

    I am 34 weeks and we are at a loss for names for our twin boys. We have some ideas but the bottom line is that we aren't 'loving' any of them - We'd like their names to be different from one another (no same letter names) - Some we have considered are Porter, Forest, Charlie, Colson, Rhodes, Hollis, WIlson and Anders. Id like names that are stand out enough, but not too quirky. We appreciate ANY ideas!! Thanks much!

    Middles are family: Grove and Walsh

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    I have a son named Miles too. I absolutely love his name.

    I have always thought that Quentin was a quirky match with Miles, is it to out there for you?


    Miles and

    Elliottand Connor
    Jasperand Lachlan

    Richardand Oliver

    Alexanderand James

    Barnabyand Oscar

    Theoand Nicholas

    Curtisand Everett

    Lucasand Knox

    Kirkand Duncan

    Jonathanand Christopher

    Ronanand Declan

    Patrickand Roland
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    Awesome feedback @rollo and @paul!

    Archer & Hudson
    Walden & Garrett

    Im feeling those big time- thank you!

    Love the ideas so far- Interesting you both mentioned Jasper. This is a family name that I also really like...
    I like Quentin- although have a BF with a "Quinn" so it would be too close ;/. I do like Rolland and Oscar... thanks!!

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    From your list, I like Forest, Charlie, and Anders

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