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    Okay, I know there's already our fabulous Royal Thread, but I doubt anyone's going to read through all our discussions now So can I add my thoughts on a few suggestions here?

    I really don't think these are in the running for a FN (lovely as some of them are):

    Louis - very French. No history.
    Philip - name of a royal 'outsider', much like Albert. Good bet for a middle though.
    James - name of too many close relatives.
    Alexander - too 'odd' for a first born. No history with English rulers.
    Henry - even though Prince Henry goes by Harry, I doubt they'll use William's brother's name.
    Spencer - for neither first nor middle. IMO, it's seen as a bit 'downmarket' here in the UK.
    Michael - just no!
    Edward - I begrudgingly put this here. Several close relatives and also the 'betrayal' and controversy with Edward VIII is apparently still a little raw.

    I reckon George, Frederick & Arthur are the most likely, without outside chances from Richard, John, Alfred, Albert... and even William. And I'm 95% positive that he'll be given 4 names.

    Likely middles, in my view: Charles, Francis, Henry, Philip, George, Arthur, Edward, Albert, James... pretty much the same really

    But man, I'm still so smug from finding out it's a boy! Sorry to brag, but I always had a feeling it were a wee lad

    Also, George is currently at #12 in England & Wales, not #6!

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    I'm thinking it's Arthur Albert William Charles.

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    I'm hoping Arthur! It's one of William's middle names. I think I read once that Diana wanted William to go by Arthur but Charles didn't like it.

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    My top pick is a maybe far-fetched Carl.

    I also like Albert, Arthur, and Philip.

    I too am glad it's a prince.

    I have a few places where Spencer was suggested. Is that a possibility? Seems unlikely to me.

    On the other hand, I am not sure I believe that so little control in the boy's name. I think part of the speculation is everyone wants to be right and what is easier to guess than that they'll have to pick a family name. I am hoping for something a little more inventive.

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