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    Ari as a stand-alone first name definitely does not play nice with our last name (rhymes with Journey).
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    I like it in theory, but I always hear the Arthur theme song when I see it posted here.

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    I love Arthur! I think of King Arthur from the legends, of course, and the British royal family. One of Queen Victoria's sons was Prince Arthur, and Princes William, Charles and Philip all have it as a middle name. Personally I wouldn't rule it out if the royal baby is named Arthur- I'd love to share a name with a princess and future queen (prince/king if I were a guy)! Then again, not everyone would... Do you live in an area where you could imagine lots of babies named after the new little royal?
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    I really do love Arthur- it doesn't remind me of the cartoon mainly because I haven't seen it in a while. I know had I been born a boy, I would've gotten a kick out of being named Arthur and seeing Arthur books on the shelf at the library, or James and seeing <i>James and the Giant Peach</i>. My thoughts on Arthur is that it's one of my favorite names and I love it. that's about it.

    I'm looking at your signature and thought I'd offer my thoughts on a few of the names that stuck out to me...just cuz.

    as for a middle name, maybe, but the connotation there is much stronger. Besides...I hear Linus and I think of sinus...

    I love Felix as well, and I think it goes nicely with your daughter's name, Sylvia. Maybe I'm being weird, but I kind of see the connection that one of the unique letters in your daughter's name is y, and the unique letter in Felix is x, X-Y-Z. Also, they both have l's smack dab in the middle, which is cool. I hear the name Felix and associate it with luck. I don't know if it's actually the meaning of the name or if it's felix ficilius from Harry Potter or what, but that's what I think.

    I've always loved Simon, I'm not sure why. Simon and Sylvia go nicely together if you're for alliteration (I'm not...I'd like to initial my kid's stuff someday, which means I can't have both Annie and Arthur...)

    Theodore is adorable...Theo for short. Though calling "Theo! Sylvia! Time for dinner!" might a little tongue-twisting- or maybe that's just me and my slight problem with s's and th's...

    yeah. that's it. hope it helped! congrats!
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    Linus is so cute; I really love it. Did you consider Leo/Leon or Lionel? Titus/Tidus/Tydus and Laszlo also come to mind.
    Felix is darling; its still a favorite of mine.
    Arthur I love. It gives me the same feel as Theodore; warm, inviting, kind. I love the nick name Art.

    To be honest I always thought Arthur, Leo/Linus, & Felix would make great sibling names.

    If you really, really love Linus, you should do it. Tell everyone that they should get out their "blanket" jokes out now because you never want to hear it again because he's your damn baby and not theirs. If they really have a problem with it, tell them they could call him Leo or something (Linus always sounded like Lion to me, and that's what Leo means!)

    You could also give them other examples of Linus' throughout history: In Greek myth, Linus is both a musician and poet, the inventor of rhythm and melody who taught music to Hercules. In the Christian era, Linus was the name of the second pope, Saint Peter's successor, while in modern times chemist Linus Pauling was awarded the Nobel Prize twice.

    Linus is charming and really the only people who will likely recognize any Peanuts correlation will be his teachers, not his peers. And if they ever give him guff about his name, a well written letter to the principle is in order.
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