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    Sister for River Adelina?

    So our first daughter's name is River Adelina, last name is one syllable, starting with ST.

    For the next one, we have a boys name Avery Jeremiah, but clueless for a girl.

    Seeing as River is a little unisex, typically trending toward boys and Avery is unisex also we were looking for a nice strong name following that trend. I feel like a frilly first name will be off kilter. But we have nothing.


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    I think you could use Avery for a boy or a girl because its so unisex, which I really love. You would just have to change the middle name. Also Avery and river sound really great together as either a boy/girl or girl/girl combo

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    I agree with Elle36. I think Avery can work in either direction and sound very nice with River. But other suggestions that are Unisex or maybe nature sounding?

    River and August
    River and Sawyer
    River and Rowan- maybe too matchy?
    River and Avery- I still like the idea of this.
    River and Quin/Quinn
    River and Spencer
    River and Jude
    River and Raleigh
    River and Willow
    River and Cedar
    River and Meret/Merit
    River and Aspen
    River and Everette nn Eve
    River and Silas
    River and Aidan/Aiden
    River and Addison
    River and Alva
    River and Noa/Noah
    River and Emerson
    River and Emery
    River and Oakley
    River and Rory- too matchy?
    River and Adair
    River and North- I know Kim K destroyed this. But it may still be appealing. Shes old news now that the Royal baby is born!
    River and Nevada
    River and Ivory
    River and Story
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    I really like Quinn for a girl - not usually a fan of unisex names, but I like this one. I also like River and Avery Sage could work, too.

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