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    Instead of Sapphire, what about Saphira/Sapphira?
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    Margaret "Margo" Judith
    Gemma "Gem" Judith
    Iona "Ona" Judith
    Opaline "Opal" Judith
    Pearla "Pearl" Judith
    Biju also means jewel

    I recommend using a first name with more than one syllable with Judith.

    And if you end up having a boy (or like using boy names on girls) Jasper is a jewel as well!
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    Amber - stripper
    Ruby - very cute and sweet for a girl
    Pearl - making a comeback so maybe too trendy, but has an olden charm
    Sapphire - trying too hard + stripper
    Diamond - stripper, feels cheap
    Marilla/Marissa - Marissa is better, no one will know the ll = y (at least i assume you are using a Spanish pronounciation, using the ll sound makes it very clunky to saw). both dont fit with Judith
    Gwendolyn + Judith = horrible

    Judith is a 'frumpy' 'old lady' name, which is okay they are making a comeback - BUT DONT PAIR IT WITH THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE - CRAZY WANNABE TREND NAMES! they just dont work, they clash.

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    Welcome! My fav name out of your list is Pearl 😍

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