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    Cool Opinions on Fallon

    I'm waiting in the airport for my plane to Australia, I have 2 hours before I take of so I thought why not nameberry. ( my mum has just rolled her eyes!)
    Anyway, what do you think of Fallon? I first heard it in the Archers ( how British am I!) and I fell in love. I think it could fit any type of girl and would age well. It's both unusual and pretty. I love the combo Fallon Paige.
    What do you think?
    Ellie xx

    (I have a feeling this will be a mixed one!)
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    I absolutely love it. The first time I heard the name was on a girl I had in my English class a couple years ago. She was petite, long flowing blonde wavy hair, PERFECT skin, a collection of butterflies tattooed up her shoulder and talked with the sweetest voice I have ever heard - Needless to say I have a very positive association with the name. I agree that it would work on almost any type of girl. I can picture it on a gorgeous pageant girl, to a rocker chick, to a studious bookworm type, etc. etc.

    I also agree that Fallon Paige is a stunning combination, HOWEVER, I think that a lot of one syllable middle names kind of make Fallon sound like "Fallen". As in "Fallen Paige" or "Fallen Claire" or "Fallen Rose". I think a longer middle name kind of avoids this problem (Fallon Elizabeth does not make "Fallen Elizabeth" to my ear). I might be crazy, but that's what I've always thought.

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    I knew a girl in college named Falon, and I have always thought it was a lovely name. Fallon Paige is a great combo.
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    I've known 2, which I think is odd, cause I think it is a rare name! They were both in school with me, in separate years, and I didn't know either one well. They would both be mid 20s at this point. I think the name could suit all kinds of girls. I somehow relate this name to the 1920s and picture a flapper girl. I think of it as a more likable version of Jordon from the Great Gatsby. It has that same spunky feel but without the masculine connotation and various associations.

    Personally, I would pair it with something on the girlier end than Paige, but the flow is great. I just think something like Fallon Seraphina or Fallon Evangeline is nicely balanced.

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    I am not a fan because I associate it as male due to Jimmy Fallon and the n ending. Also, it looks like "fall on" or "fallen"

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