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  • Elise

    30 48.39%
  • Audrey

    32 51.61%
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    I personally like Elise better. Though if you're going for either Elise Audrey (fn/mn) or Audrey Elise....I'd actually agree that Audrey Elise flows very nicely together!
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    I really like Audrey she is strong while still being feminine. I also agree that Audrey Elise flows beautifully together. I think both names are great so you can't really go wrong!
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    Both names have personal meaning to me and would make a wonderful choice. My vote, however, is for Elise.
    I remember that when I played games as a little girl, I used to make people call me Elisa. Years later, we ended up calling my sister Lisa, which I suggested because it was a character in a videogame. While I regret this now, it also feels like destiny simply chose her name.
    ...And I could go on and go on about why this name is important to me.
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    I vastly prefer Audrey.

    Elise just has never been pleasant to me.
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    I feel Elise is so sweet and feminine and have loved the name for years. Elise Audrey is a lovely name, as is Audrey Elise. I just think Elise is sweeter.

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